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We design brands that feel
even better than they look.

We help entrepreneurs organize, automate, and elevate their brands so they can work smarter, stress less, and earn more.

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Brand Strategy & Design

We develop brands based on your unique goals and audience, then design attractive assets that position you as the expert you are and create a unified online presence. 

Custom Website Design

We build easy-to-update, custom websites that go deeper than the surface to convert your ideal clients with stunning visuals, a strategic layout, and built-in SEO.

Systems + Automation

We optimize your workflow with automation tools & custom design to help you work smarter, while elevating your customer experience.

You belong here, Boss.

I know. Between chasing down invoices, answering emails, posting on social media, and filing taxes, sometimes it feels like there's barely enough time to do what you do. 


I used to think that the measure of success was your bottom line. Now, after helping numerous entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their brands successfully, I know that the real goal of business is alignment because, without that, there is no profit.

I learned how to harness my ambition using design and technology to build an organized, automated, and easy-to-run business.

I’ve been able to raise my prices year over year, elevate my client experience, and make being an entrepreneur actually enjoyable.

There's no coincidence that you're here. It's your turn.


Demonstrate your worth
without having to say a word.

Your branding, website, and onboarding process will say everything prospective clients need to know about your business before you even speak to them. Are they selling you short?

You deserve a brand that feels, looks, and operates like the Boss you are.


It's time to Align.

Let me guess; you've been bootstrapping, wearing ALL the hats since the beginning. Your business is doing well, but you're overwhelmed with everything you're responsible for and know you could go even further with better branding, organization, and systems in place.

You're an expert at what you do, but you're not a designer, and you'd rather spend time focusing on the things you need to do for your actual business, right?


I totally get it. I've developed a comprehensive process for designing holistically aligned brands that give you the strategy, tools, and aesthetic to show up confidently and command what you're worth

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"Her ability to create systems for my business has released me from so much stress! Now I have an amazing website and all the automation is linked to it." 

I absolutely love Onyia’s work. From the moment we started building my website. She was so precise on meeting deadlines and communicating throughout the process. Her ability to create systems and workflows for my business has released me from so much stress! Now I can have an amazing website and all the automation is linked to it. Align digital website design and support was the perfect investment to elevate my business this year. Thank you to the Align Digital Team!

Chelcie Scott

The best way to predict the future
is to design it.

With custom brand strategy, web design, and systems integration, we can unlock the level of success you've been DIYing to achieve.

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The Business Checklist
Worksheets from The Business Blueprint

Starting a business but don't know where to start? Building a brand and overwhelmed with #AllTheThings? Introducing The Business Checklist, a free digital resource that will help you organize your business and design a strategy for success.


This guide includes a comprehensive checklist for starting your business, monthly, weekly, and daily planners, a content strategy outline, and a launch plan worksheet.


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