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Mini-courses for solopreneurs

Anyone can start a business, but it takes the right knowledge and tools to succeed - especially as a solopreneur. These courses were designed to teach you how to build and market your business easily, strategically, and systematically so you can feel confident and in control.

What Students Are Saying
Robin A.

"The Digital Marketing course was packed full of so much good information! From social media to SEO I feel much more confident to market my business online."

"WOW, Onyia did a great job of breaking down strategies and tips, and tools for marketing online in every area, not just social media! I'm so glad I took this course!"

"I definitely feel more prepared to grow my brand online! I can't wait to use some of the tools and tips Onyia shared!"

Jane L.
Dina Z.
Frequently Asked Questions

What am I going to learn?

In Digital Marketing Magic, we go over the top 5 digital marketing strategies for small businesses and solopreneurs.


That includes…

- Instagram Strategy

- Email Marketing

- Google & Paid Ads

- Website Optimization


In The Business Blueprint, we walk through each and every step of building a brand-new business. 


This includes…

- Developing Your Brand (Strategy and Design)

- Organizing Your Business (Systems and Workflow)

- Getting Setup Online (Website, Socials, Software)

- Planning Your Promo (Marketing Strategy)

- Telling The World (Launch Planning)


To learn more about the curriculum and get a preview of the course structure, click “Request to Join” on the course above.

How long does each course take to complete? Can I go at my own pace?

Absolutely! All courses are self-paced, meaning you can go as fast or slow as you want. Digital Marketing Magic and The Business Blueprint are mini-courses that will take you anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete depending on how quickly you’d like to go through the information. You can always save your progress and come back when you’re ready.

Do I need any special equipment or tech to access the course?

There are no special requirements or technology to access the courses. You can complete them on a desktop computer or your phone! I recommend downloading my app for the best experience taking the course. You’ll have access to all the videos and information, along with the ability to contact me and view other resources.

How long do I have access to the information?

You’ll have lifetime access to the courses you purchase, so feel free to revisit them at anytime to refresh your knowledge or any specific strategies you’d like to try.

Why should I trust your knowledge? What are your qualifications?

I have formal education in graphic and web design, social media management, digital marketing, project management, UX Design, and quality assurance software engineering.


Over the last five years, I’ve been able to transition from corporate America to full-time entrepreneurship with multiple streams of income using the techniques I teach. I’ve helped numerous others bring their dreams to digital life.


I have a uniquely holistic perspective and approach to business. I'm passionate about combining science and art to help entrepreneurs create beautiful and useful platforms and resources that make owning a business actually worth it.


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