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A 9-step framework for elevating your business from the inside out so you can charge what you're worth, work less on mundane tasks, focus more on what you love, and reclaim peace in your business.


The 9-Step Algorithm:


1. Evaluate - Visualize your dream life and release what’s holding you back

2. Define - Identify your objectives and get crystal clear about your goals

3. Research - Collect data from target audiences and competition

4. Plan - Organize your rebrand project; team, timeline & budget

5. Write - Update your brand's personality, story, message, and values

6. Design - Update your brand's visual identity; logos, colors & fonts

7. Update - Refresh and optimize your website and social platforms

8. Automate - Organize and put your workflow on auto-pilot

9. Launch - Successfully launch your beautiful new brand with a solid strategy, organized & automated systems, peace, confidence, and a whole lotta pride

The Brand Alignment Algorithm

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