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if you want to reach your business goals, you have to think like a ceO. 

CEO’s don’t scrape together their business from bits and pieces of articles they found on Google. They invest in education. They don't have the time to reinvent the wheel, and neither do you! Every frustrating week you spend confused and overwhelmed is a week you could spend working on your actual business and bringing in profits.

Instead of trying to build your business alone, take advantage of the years of trial and error I've already lived and learned from and use these resources to move on to the most important tasks on your to-do list - like launching and perfecting your craft.

"you don't have to be good to start.
you just have to start to be good"

- Joe Sabah

6 weeks to ce0,000 series
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The 6 Weeks to CE0,000 Series includes a 24-page Roadmap, 32-page Workbook, and hour-long Masterclass on how to build and launch an online business in just 6 weeks.

In the masterclass, I’ll walk you through each week of the startup process, step by step, with bonus tips & templates so you feel confident and clear on what you need to do to finally launch your business.

what's covered inside...

✓ Developing your brand - Refining your offer, learning your market, developing your pricing, and designing your visual brand identity

✓ Organizing your business - Mapping out your goals, responsibilities, and schedule, registering your business, and setting up your accounts

✓ Getting set up online - Designing your website, getting on social media, setting up your email list, and automating your business with online tools/systems

✓ Planning your promo - Developing and scheduling your marketing strategy, creating sharable content, and planning your launch week

✓ Telling the world - Announcing your new brand, engaging on social media and in real life, and collecting data/feedback

daija m.

"The workbook was just what I needed at the right time. I had my business idea and had tried many other website builder systems but I was just lost. Not only did the workbook provide me direction, but also motivation to finish what I started. The Wix outline was my favorite part because it made making my web design seamless and I have my brand colors and fonts organized! My vision is clear & execution has been enjoyable because I have a system to follow. Thank you for the phenomenal tool to help me kickstart my coaching business!"

the digital come up ebook
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The Digital Come Up eBook is a 16-page guide that explains how to use online marketing to launch and grow your business in the digital age.

what's covered inside...

✓  Instagram Strategy - Developing your strategy, optimizing your profile, using analytics, mastering hashtags, the algorithm, and increasing your reach

✓  Email Marketing - Creating an opt-in email offer, ensuring deliverability, and developing an automated campaign to nurture sales

✓  Maximizing Google - How to use paid ads to your advantage, setting up and using your Google Business Profile to increase brand awareness

✓ Search Engine Optimization - Mastering keywords and easy tips for website optimization


Bonus #1: Instagram Post Template Pack (15 customizable Canva templates)

Bonus #2: Instagram Strategy Template


"This is the perfect intro book on digital marketing. It gave me a good overview of all the strategies I can be using to boost my marketing efforts online. But not only was it really informative, it also came with a strategy template and Canva templates that I can use to create my own branded posts. Those alone have saved me so much time and energy already! Thank you!!!"

website template + wix training
Untitled design (80).png
Untitled design (82).png

A fully customizable scrolling website template for the drag-and-drop platform Just accept the transfer, upload your content, edit the colors and text, and launch your site within hours!

what's included...

✓  Fully responsive mobile design, which you can view and customize to fit your brand.

✓  Loaded with SEO capabilities, tools, and resources to help you boost your search visibility.

✓  Bonus "linktree" mobile landing page that hosts multiple links under one custom URL for your social media bios.

✓  Includes an in-depth training video detailing exactly how to customize your template, navigate the back-end of your website, and extra tools to help organize your business through Wix, including email marketing, automation, and client management.


"Not only is this training super helpful if you're new to building websites, but it's also fun and engaging! I was surprised by how easy it was to create a website with seamless functionality and beautiful design work! Onyia helped me to create a website that I feel excited to share with my clientele and I can't express how thankful I am! This training did not disappoint!!"

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